E 50 Jaguar Books

Started By: George Camp on 2011-09-21 11:12:44

As anticipated JCNA has received a number of the E-50 books from Jaguar's celebration of the E-Types 50th birthday. We are not sure of the count (but it is about 10) and we are not sure of the price--so how are we doing so far! In anycase as before with the initial order it is first come first serve--as we do not know the final price no one will be held to the request but if you are interested please either sign on here or send me an e mail at publicationsatjcna.com. If we find we have more stock we will post in the shoppe but at this time this will most likely exhaust stocks. Thanks


Ok we have 10 books only and they are $95.00 each. First come first serve.Here is a pic of the cover.