course size

Started By: Dennis J. Dietrich on 2006-07-21 03:31:18

If you think of the slalom course as a rectangle, how wide and how long is it? Being diagram impaired, I can't determine these dimensions on the JCNA layout.


Try this, it should answer your question. Good luck... 92 XJS Con.

The oval course by itself is about 185' by 70'. The entire course needs a paved area 230' by 140'.
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The course is actually 200 feet long by 90 feet wide at its extremities.
The fastest way round is not the shorter route, stay wide to keep your speed up, and on the final lap let it hang right out on the straightaways, narrowly missing the outer course cone markers. Maintaining a higher speed usually translates to a quicker time, practice makes perfect.