crooked doors

Started By: william cocca on 2009-04-18 14:17:51

HI - I'm having problems replacing the doors on my '62 Mark II 3.8. I removed them to repaint the car and when replaced, they were (are) in various angles and closing degrees (by the luck of the draw, one out of four closes cleanly, but the rest refuse to remain closed securely). Where can I look to make the proper adjustments?


If there was no sill replacement or structural change and the doors fit before they should fit now---Try mounting the doors and leave the securing screws a little loose and slowly close and open the doors--you should be able to determine if the door needs to go in or out or skew top to bottom. I would take the latch out of the picture until the door fit was right. Then you can tighten the door and repeat the process with the latch--if the doors and latch are even close the proper adjustment can be made--hope this helps but patience is the answer.