Daily driver suited for Slalom?

Started By: Martin Knoll on 2007-01-05 07:04:27

I have a 1995 XJS Convertible (6 cylinder) and would like to enter the fascinating world of Slalom. However, since my Jag is my daily driver, I would like to know if it is recommended to do Slaloms with daily drivers, and what alterations/preparations I should make to get it race ready? I am not so much worried about preserving the value of the car as much as hurting anything mechanical while performing. For example, would you recommend that I have a 'race set' of wheels and tires? How much stress does it put on my automatic transmission, etc?

Are convertibles allowed in Slaloms and rallies?



1995 XJS Convertible



A photo of I belive a stock 95 XJS Convertible at the Jag Touring Club Slalom. Stock tires are fine altghough you usually need to increase the tire pressure and convertibles are OK. I would say 30% of the cars are daily drivers. As long as they are regularly maintained it is most unlikely that anything mechanical will be hurt given the above condition. Even if the driver throws all caution to the wind, because the course is fairly short and the speeds and loads not extreme the chances of mechanical dammage are in my opinion negligible. Only on one occasion has something gone sort of wrong and that was a pre-existing condition - carbs flooding.

Helmets are required but the club usually will have loaners available.



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Lots of the cars at our club's first slalom in 2006 were daily drivers - may maybe 50%.

Plenty of acrs were not even Jags: an Audi Quarto was very fast and a Honda Civic did some fast times - both were on the top ranks and were daily drivers.

My wife took her XJS 2+2 and my friend showed up with his 1994 (thereabouts)convertable XJS 6cc 1994 and drove it without any issues arising.

Dan Lokun
Toronto Canada
90 XJ-S