Dugdale/ Cook Jaguar in America on holiday Special

Started By: George Camp on 2010-11-07 12:31:05

While your club officers have no doubt told you I thought I would remind all that JCNA is offering this wonderful work for the very low price of $22.50. This is a $50 book all day long elsewhere. There simply is no other way of putting this: unless you were working for Jaguar from 1948 to 2000 you do not know what you think you know. This book adds so much to the general knowledge of our hobby and at the same time eliminates so many old myths. If you have not read it you just are depriving yourself. We have had many ordered for holiday gifts and they are perfect for that. Go to the shoppe and Jaguar books and get a copy--order JAGUARUS! Order another for that friend that always helps you with your pet!


Gary you are so correct. Here is a picture of the cover for all to see.