Engine head color for 1962 Mk2 3.8

Started By: Bill Findley on 2004-02-15 17:30:10

I understand that the 3.8 engine in the Mk 2 had the head painted "dark blue" as opposed to the 3.4 which was "light blue." Does anyone have a better description of the actual color? This engine has an 8:1 compression ratio.

1962 Mk-2


Bill, I belive you are correct. To be sure, check the saloons section of Steve Kennedy's 'Jaguar, The Classic Marque' to confirm. He has made an exceptional effort to archive the Jaguar cylinder head colors.
Bob Grossman

Bill, I have a 66 3.4S that I bought in the UK while stationed there back in the late 70's and the head is "duck egg green". I went into several of my books to see what yours is supposed to be and the proper color is metallescent blue. Paint code is not given in any of the books that I have, however Jaguar World has a marvelous book called "Jaguar 6 Cylinder Engine Overhaul (1948-1986) Including I.R.S. and S.U. Carburettors." put out by Kelsey Publishing Limited ISBN 1-873098-32-4. In it on page 47 (in color) are the proper head colors and it mentions Ken Jenkins Jaguar Specialist (Tel: 0909732219) claims to have the correct color in stock. UK number of course.

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Mark Whitt

I have a list of XK head applications and characteristics posted here:


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