Started By: R. Bruce Cox on 2008-10-17 17:18:39

Will in all probability not rejoin JCNA next year.

To compete in the concours requires a minimum of three events. I have recently learned that the slalom requires a single entry. As I have made the effort to compete in four this year, all is for nought.

Not only is your concours via the 'driven class' getting ridiculous: imagine trailer-delivered "drivers", but to award a trophy to a an entrant in a 'single race' that is supposedly on a requisite course with no formal checks, is, in my opinion inane.

Cones could be re-set to assure quicker times; racing surfaces can vary: pavement or concrete, etc. Weather is a big factor: damp, cool, hot etc.

I think JCNA has misplaced the idea of maintaining whilst driving. Speaking on behalf of many Jag owners, they are meant to be driven. To relegate Jags to the collector's garage, seldom driven, and not viewed by the public, is, in my opinion, a mistake.

Apologies, but I bought mine to drive; yes I will keep them maintained, update on a regular basis for safety, and will keep in mind that it is "smiles per gallon".




Your implication is that the sole reason that you would belong to your local club is the competitive events. You may be surprised to learn that only a very small minority of members of all the clubs in JCNA have any interest whatsoever in the competitive events. For concours, it's barely more than 10% of members who care enough to even enter one event, let alone enter the three that you suggest is a requirement (it's not, that is merely the qualification level to be eligible for North American awards - if you are one of the very few interested in that sort of thing). Have a look at the percentage of members of your own club who participate in the competitive events - it's very low.

People belong to the clubs for a wide variety of reasons, with competition being well down the list. I'd suggest that more are involved for the camaraderie, friendships, and sharing of a common interest than any other reasons. It's unfortunate if that is not the case for yourself.

Hi Bruce,
Our Group of enthusiasts held five slalom events this year, feel free to join us as an associate member and get the most out of our events at no extra cost............. Unless we give trophies at such an event no fees are charged, we are not in this to make money unneccesarily.
Next year is our tenth year of operation, we will have Jaguars in the Pitt Meadows Day's Parade, the parade actually ends up at our showground. Come and join us...............
We also have members who attend River's Edge Road Race Track in Mission on a regular Jaguar or whatever you choose to bring, call me anytime for more details on safety equipment etc,.......604 465 7244
Best Competing Wishes... Art Dickenson. .

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Yes, driver-class trailoring was an issue but not enough to quit
JCNA ... Slaloming is a "new" thing around here and having alot of
positive feedback. XJR(s) wowing non-Jag drivers at our

PS ... Art: now that's driving (needs sound effects)!
... Here's a more pedestrian shot
from "Sunday Drive" (before the breakdown)- Oct 19 08 .. D Lokun

Dan, send me your e mail and I will send one with sound effects...Art

I notice that you kept some wood in the car ... very chic ... D Lokun

Dan, just the door panels are - the burled elm, still in beautifull shape, as is the dash elm........ Art.............silver007atshaw.ca