Finally a deal is struck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started By: George Camp on 2011-01-16 13:28:01

The JCNA shoppe is happy to let you know we have finally (6 months in the works) struck a deal with a major distributor and soon (this week we hope) there will be aprox. 50 new titles added to the JCNA shoppe's list of book offerings! There are no less than 9 (nine) new E-Type books and several by our own Peter Crespin (the author of several "Essential Buyers Guides". Most books will be under the Jaguar Book section but some will be in Road test area. So stay tuned and as always JCNA has been able to offer these at a discount that makes your membership number look like one of those Gift Cards you got for the holidays!! Thanks for your support in 2010 and for an even better 2011!!

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