1969 E-type Gauges Lamp Dimming Resistor

Started By: William Unger on 2016-12-07 00:00:00

I broke the gauges lamp dimming resistor on the back side of the panel during restoration. However, none of the usual sources have one available nor does anything show up in a Google search. The resistor part # is 6BR LU47211A which indicates a 6 ohm ballast resistor which is about what I measured. Also, I calculate that the resistor needs to handle about 20-25 watt draw from the bulbs.

Is there anyone that has wired in a modern replacement resistor or can recommend one. I researched Digi-Key Electronics website but I am not confidant that I am properly calculating what I need.

Your assistance is appreciated ... Bill Unger 1969 E-type FHC, 1997 XK8 FHC, 2007 XKR FHC