1995 XJ6 Wont Turn Over and door locks don't work! Fuel issue? Security issue? Module issue?

Started By: Quinton on 2015-11-10 00:00:00

Hello everyone and how are you. I have a 1995 XJ6 in almost perfect shape for 100k miles. At this point, here is the current condition / issues:

- Key turns on... gauges power up... but motor does not turn over. I do hear a relay clicking in the trunk when I try to start it... but don't hear any other relays clicking when I turn the key
- I don't hear a fuel pump firing up like you normally would when the car is powered.
- None of the door locks work. I don't have a key fob, but when I use the key in the door nothing works... when I manually lock and unlock from inside the car, nothing works. Centralized locking button on the console does not work or light up.
- Rear trunk button does not work... and cannot hear relay working.

What have I done so far to fix it?
- I have replaced ALL of the square "blue" relays within the car...
- I have replaced the larger black relays right behind both drivers and passengers side headlights for the; Starter motor solenoid (drivers side), Engine Management system control relay (pass side)
- Red P and N light up red on the gear shift... wiggled it while trying to start it... no difference
- Took drivers side door panel off to inspect and everything looks normal.
- I did "jump" the starter from the single wire between the fuel rail and the valve cover... starter works fine and I have solid power running to the positive power pole running through the passengers side firewall by the motor.
- Charged the battery to ensure proper voltage
- Inspected wiring behind the rear seat from within the truck... looks normal
- Inspected the inertia switch... it's working and reset

At this point the only relays I have yet to replace are the "purple striped" relays for the Fuel filler flap, drivers/pass door lock, and two of them for the gear shift lock out. What could be the problem here?? Is there a module that could be faulty? Any further tests that I can run? Curious as to where the power runs to the door locking system... maybe I can trace it back up the line? Maybe the car was locked (security enabled) then door lock relays went out so it is not in a permanent state of security activation?

Any help is much appreciated.