1996 XJR Jaguar

Started By: Danea Banks on 2017-05-10 00:00:00

Help! I went to start my XJR and nothing. The car key turns, the dash board light up but when I turn the key I get nothing. It has the appearance of a bad starter, however, usually a starter gives some form of warning which in this case it did not. If it's not the starter do anyone have any ideas as to what it could be. I know that its not the battery because I have had it checked. Also, do anyone know what side of the engine is the starter on. Note: I often disconnect the battery after using the car and wondered if my troubles could be coming from a bad cable. Puzzled. Help.


Turn the key 'on' and look at the gearshift indicator. Is the "P" glowing red? The starter circuit will not operate unless it is.

Assuming no red glow, jiggle the gearshift around. If the "P" now glows red, try starting the car.

If the car now starts you need to adjust the 'linear switch' which is on the right side of the gearshift assembly. Loosen the screws and slide the switch for-aft until you find the sweet spot where the "P" reliable glows red with the gearshift in "P"