4.2 high torque starter issue

Started By: Marco Giuliani on 2017-12-03 00:00:00

Ok here’s the issue

I’ve got a 4.2 69 OTS,

Recently installed. 4.2 from 81 xj6 to replace the unfortunate end to my old 4.2

Followed Crespin’s article on the swap to the letter

All worked out very well without surprises except for today

To be clear the high torque starter I installed was working flawlessly for about a year in my old engine

I used the flywheel and transmission bell housing from my old engine and the starter and installed on the replacement engine.

Further my old clutch and pressure plate were also reused and bolted right up to the replacement engine and fly wheel as well.

Th problem is when I turn the key , the starter just spins !!

It does not engage the fly wheel teeth

When I installed the starter I used same bolts and spacer as before as well

I believe there is no adjustment to the location of the starter relative to the flywheel teeth given the two fastner bolts and the spacer

What did I do wrong?

Am hoping that I am wrong, please let me know if there is adjustment in the starter

Given I used the same set up I would assume that there would be no difference

Otherwise the only other explanation is the starter is broken

Any thoughts or comments



Take the spacer out......GTJOEY1314