420 - General Availabilty?

Started By: John Ford on 2015-10-11 00:00:00

Hello - At a recent British car meet, I took an immediate shine to a Jag I was previously unfamiliar with, the 420. (Not the MkX or 420G.) I have a good friend and neighbour who owns a Mk9 and an E-type, both very solid and near totally-restored, so I am fairly familiar with the nature of Jag ownership. I am a vintage BMW owner myself.

My question is about the general availability of 420 LHD models in North America. I am interested (like most everyone else) in something between a basketcase and a fully restored number, a possible driver or one that could become a driver without too much effort and expense.

How long might I have to look before finding one? From what I've seen full-up resto's go for $15-25k. Can I reasonably expect to find something in the $10k neighborhood?


John Ford


I see these on Craigslist in all conditions, from $500 to $30,000 asking prices.