Advice on 62 Roadster

Started By: on 2018-06-18 00:00:00

Evening, About 23 years ago my family purchased a XKE roadster. Its been a California car its entire life with no rust, not original paint, at some point the second owner painted in red, originally green. Trim is good, but chrome is showing its age. Unfortunately, we found ourselves admiring how it looks rather than driving it. Everything is there, it just needs all the fluids flushed, carbs, brakes, tires, cooling system gone through. Last time we had it running was about 12 years ago.

So, we are now trying to figure out if we should sell or get it running again, but really unsure of prices on these. Seems like everything on eBay and at dealers is well over 100k, and Hagerty prices have much to large range of prices. To me it is much more important to have an unrestored vehicle from CA, than a fresh restoration on something that used to have rust holes. I'm kinda thinking it is best to just leave as is? Are prices still going up on Series 1 roadsters?, it looks like the coupes have!

If we sell, do you think the new owner would rather do the work or should we just put the time and effort into getting it back up and going. Personally, if i were looking for this particular vehicle I would want to do the work myself to get it going again.



I believe you have answered it yourself--make it run and clean it up!