Anthony's E Stranded in Charleston, SC

Started By: Anthony Platts-Baggs on 2018-01-09 00:00:00

Hi all,

I have posted in so moderators, please feel free to remove one of my posts, but I am hoping for a speedy reply.

Just quickly about me: I am a Jaguar enthusiast based in Brisbane, Australia and am 30 y/o. I was first lured into cars with two fairly disparate vehicles. The Renault 5 Turbo and the Jaguar XJS thanks to my grandfather and collectible classic car cards. Shortly thereafter I fell in love with the e-type. When I had a windfall and the opportunity arose, I couldn't resist.

I acquired 1E14629 some 18 months ago. She is Opalescent Maroon and was originally Primrose Yellow. She is stored in Charleston South Carolina with the storage company of Don Montgomery of Carrie International.

Back in February 2017 Australian Customs decided to crack down on asbestos containing materials due mainly to shady building products but most heavily impacting motoring enthusiasts. I made numerous attempts with the Minister responsible and the advising agency here in Australia (the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Association) to obtain clearance for the vehicle for importation into Australia to no avail. There should be a traceable solution, such as a lien on the title, however that's the subject of another post.

Here is the ask: I'm looking for a willing and capable (perhaps mobile or retired mechanic) JCNA member to replace the brake pads, clutch lining, remove heat shields and replace (obvious) asbestos-containing gaskets prior to survey and testing to facilitate importation into Australia, plus take a few photos, caption and provide receipts. If possible, making the vehicle a runner with replacement brake and fuel lines would be valuable given the vehicle was running on an external fuel source at the time of purchase. I may then contract a surveyor to provide a test certificate to confirm asbestos presence/absence, but that will be my responsibility. I'd anticipate the right person would be able to estimate rough costs for parts and labour expenses beforehand, with advance/progress payments as agreed.

I know this is quite the ask from across the world, but if it's one thing that being a member of the Healey and Datsun (and very shortly Jag) owners clubs here in Australia has taught me, it's that in con-rod we trust (that's a terrible pun about how we are all connected).

Feel free to discuss certain topics raised here and/or flag interest openly and then PM as appropriate.

Kind regards,
Anthony Platts-Baggs