Can anyone help my sick mom ride in an E-type?

Started By: Doug Kwartler on 2018-09-28 00:00:00


My name is Doug. I live in Chelmsford, MA, near Lowell, sort of near Boston. I'm a songwriter and music producer - this is a real post. You can see me here:

So my mom who is 80, always wanted an egg Jaguar E type. She never was able to get one, but she always talked about it and dreamed about it. Unfortunately she now has stage IV breast cancer and is not doing so good.

I was wondering if there's anyone in the Massachusetts area who has one who's be willing to let her see it and maybe let us drive around the block or something. I could certainly drive her up to lets say 30-45 min away if there's anyone around the area.

Anyway, hope this find y'all well. My email is:


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