Heater hose problem

Started By: on 2017-05-09 00:00:00

Swapping out the 20 year old hoses in my 1970 etype 2+2. Can't seem to find anybody that has the correct one that goes from the intake manifold to the heater crossover pipe. I've checked with welsh, Terrys, XKS, Ebay and places in England. Whats so hard about finding this hose?

Its not the straight hose at the bottom that attaches to the heater pipe. It attaches to the heater crossover pipe above the lower hose, makes a 90 degree turn to go up then does another 90 to connect to the fitting on the intake manifold. See the missing hose in the first picture.

All the parts suppliers are telling me the new Jaguar number for that hose is the same as the one that goes from the intake manifold back around by the carb. As you can see from the 2nd picture, this hose isnt shaped right at all. The cut off hose to the left of my finger in this photo is the one Im looking to replace.

Is it possible that I have to use this new hose in 2nd picture, cut it and turn it 90 degrees then put in a connector and two clamps? This will work ok but I would rather find the right hose.


We do not have identical cars but I have found every hose I needed at SNG Barratt. Suggest you try them.

Already did, along with Welsh, XKS, Terrys and some in England. All the part numbers supersede to the hose off to the sides of the carb. No one seems to have it. Made one out of one of those hoses by cutting it in half and turning it 90 degrees.

Here is an exchange I had with SNG a while back. See the attached images. I pasted part number/images over their relevant diagram. I wrote:
In the attached diagram both item 10 and item 11 point me to part C14355k but it really seems they should be different hoses.

Item 10 in the drawing sometimes uses part number C3994

Actually, item 10 is the correct shaped hose for that spot. The hose you have in the picture is the one I can't find, C3994. It fits behind item 10 on the back manifold. I believe only the 2+2 used that hose.