Help me find my dad's Mk 2! Buick 3.8 powered. Maybe in CA?

Started By: Cameron Clark on 2014-12-23 03:29:05

Hello Everybody!

I'm a new member here who was referred from a member over on Jag Lovers.

I'm trying to track down a 1965 MK2 that was put on consignment by my dad in 2007 when he had to relocate due to health problems. The car was a special part of my childhood, and I'm hoping to buy it back if possible.

The car was retrofitted with a buick 3.8 before my dad bought it, but he replaced it with a pumped up version, painted in frankenstein green. It has an automatic 200r4 transmission. Freshly upholstered interior, in LIGHT BLUE, not a factory jag color. The exterior was creme/off-white.

I'd be extremely grateful if anybody has seen this car and knows where I might be able to find it!

Year: 1965
Vin: J65P223988BW or P223988BW
Color: Creme/off white
Interior: Light blue
Engine: Buick 231 V6
Wheels: Chrome wire wheels with knock off hubs
License plate: FFORSM

Link to pics on saloondata: