Ignition coil question

Started By: Charles Brennan on 2015-05-11 00:00:00

My '63 Mk2 (3.8l) has been laid up for a few months pending an entire fuel line replacement. Before the lay up, I had spark at the spark plugs, but it was weak and did not look like it should. Whilst the car was laid up, I order a replacement coil (in fact two coils). Now the fuel line is replaced and the new coil is in place, but there is no spark at the spark plug, the coil is getting voltage on the primary. Continuity checks of the cable and coil are good. I have tried both new coils (and the original) coil with no luck at getting a spark. As a final check, I tried to get the secondary HV coil wire (removed from the distributor) to arc to earth and there was nothing; good voltage still on primary side of the coil. Any and all suggestions would be very much welcomed.