Mark 2, S-Type install

Started By: dtravis on 2015-03-28 06:23:38

Nube. I am contemplating installing a 66 S-type drive train in a 1949 Triumph TDA. The engine is ( I believe) a 3.8 w/ 4sp OD,(and IRS) both RHD.
My first concern is space but I have no dimensions to work from. It has to fit in several places.

My donner car has complete body loss. Not much is left. I have not seen the engine yet, I don't know how to pop the hood.

There are other concerns before flopping down a pile of cash. Ethically, is this a correct thing to do? I cant see it hurting my current TDA's value much. It's a 4 door saloon as well, and from Coventry, but in quite fair condition for it's vintage. It also holds important personal value as being a part of my Cousin's life, and a car that carried my wife to her wedding in 1968. I want to see the car run and the original 2L was way small for the job. The 3.8 is an air plane engine!

I welcome all advice, and some numbers or dimensions as well.