Mk IX Boot Handles

Started By: Richard Town on 2015-08-20 00:00:00

Restoring a Mk IX 1961 auto. But the boot handle boot locks are seized (assume by a previous trying to break in) Auto-Locksmith with many years experience in the older car can't free them either. The latches are out, so are the locking pins. So need a pair. Have been searching all UK suppliers but nothing.
They are BD.7080 (253/268) RHS, and BD.7081(253/269) LHS

Anybody got anything? Even without keys soas my locksmith can pick and get correct. Even one off would help.
I've got the base plates

Thanks for having a look!

Is there anything else that would do? Like from the XK150 or 140? They've got different part # though.
Did the Mk I have a similar dual arrangement or was it twist and pull?



Finally got the old barrels out. One is marked FNR 5. They are available as a Weston Body & Hardware part. But only in a set of five different barrels from Moss Europe WB9-01302. So you're left with eight redundant barrels each four with the same key number that'd have to be copied too for selling on. They're part of the XK120/140 series.
I'm posting this in case anyone else has the same difficulties -- hopefully saving days (and hair) of 'phoning around. It's the second barrel from the left in the attached pix.

To get the old barrels out, the locking bar has to be tapped through which is "V" cut to hold the bottom off-set turning node. That node will break off the bottom of the lock.
There's a circlip at the top that needs to be forced through too.