Oil filter assembly issue

Started By: Marco Giuliani on 2017-05-06 00:00:00

Some advice

I have a 4.2 l engine in a series 2 and it seems that the previous owner of the engine put a 3.8 l oil filter assembly on it

I'm having low oil pressure issues when hot since I put the engine in and was looking at all the easy fix solutions first before the more serious ones

I've replaced the oil pressure relief spring and valve, no change and I have verified that it works. Checked oil pressure with mechanical gauge, did not rely on the electric gauge

I removed the oil filter assembly and cleaned everything including the oil filter by pass valve as well

Next I'll remove the engine sump and check the oil pipes O rings and inspect pipe condition. Then check the oil pump assembly, may replace as a matter of course since I'm in there

Can anyone confirm if the wrong year oil filter assembly would cause low oil pressure (10 psi at idle or lower)

Any advice would be really appreciated