What have I got?

Started By: George Eshaghian on 2015-08-09 00:00:00

My father was a Jaguar enthusiast and the story goes that in my toddler years, if someone asked me where was Daddy, I would respond "fixing the Jaguar." My father passed away in 2010 and one of the unfinished projects was this Jaguar. He had hoped to restore the car, but alas he ran out of time. The car had been sitting with a mechanic for a few years before my father passed, and we then brought it home. It's been in the garage as seen since 2011. The car looks complete, with chrome wire wheels and has an extra set of front seats along with some spares in the trunk. I have no idea of history, I can't find a title or any paperwork at the moment and I haven't figured out how to open the hood. I do have the keys. The trunk lid is marked 3.8S. There is some rust underneath. Any idea what we've got and what it's worth? Any assistance or suggestions are appreciated.


Sure looks like an original S-Type... 3.8 liter (3.8S). VIN may help determine year but they were made between 1963-1968. Engine hood latch should be between glove box and package shelf near right front door hinge. Great cars that were not particularly popular in the US. Value is surely depended on the condition. Rust is your worst enemy (on nearly all classic Jags). Googling "Jaguar 3.8S" should get you some basic info on the model.

1965 Jaguar 3.8S

Thank you Wally, that's a big help. The car appears to have some rust underneath, and I would expect it will require a full restoration, but everything is there. A few more photos are attached. Can you tell me where I might find the VIN?

Easiest way to find VIN is in the engine bay. (Hope you got the hood latch to release. They can be fiddly after 50 years.) There will be a data plate middle of the firewall above the engine. It's also stamped on the front channel in front of the radiator where the hood latches, mine is on the left. Attached pics of my data plate and VIN stamping... Wally