XJ spec commercial in Los Angeles

Started By: German Izquierdo on 2015-03-14 14:04:09


I'm an independent filmmaker in Los Angeles. Me and cinematographer Daphne are making a spec commercial (spec means itÔÇÖs not an official commercial but we are making it at our own expense out of love for the brand and the idea) of the Jaguar XJ. The commercial consists of a poetic aerial shot of the car accompanied by an inspired narration.

We are looking for an XJ owner based in Los Angeles who would be interested in spending half a day with us driving his/her car on the beautiful road of Los Angeles Forest next to Mountain High Ski Resort. In turn we can offer a rental fee for the day plus a gorgeous video of your car.

You can check my and DaphneÔÇÖs reels here:

Daphne and I have been working on films for many years now, including feature films, shorts, commercials and music videos.

All interested can email us at: jaguarcommercialatgmail.com