headlamp alignment

Started By: William R Gonyo on 2014-01-04 09:28:55

I am looking for information on aiming headlamps on my 86 S3. I don't have access to proper tools.Is there away it can be done against the garage wall.



If your lights are grossly outta whack the against-the-garage-wall method will at least get things pointed in roughly the right direction. Some fine tuning might be required later. A straight, flat, and really dark road is useful here.

In regions where annual inspections are required it shouldn't be too hard to find a "headlight aiming station". Years and years ago it seemed like there was one on every corner with a big blue sign saying as much.


If your lights are wayyyy out of whack then the garage wall method will get things reasonbly aimed. Then take the car out to a flat, straight, and very dark road for finer tuning.

Or visit a "headlight aiming station" for a proper adjustment.


Bill, all you need is a flash light, a screw driver & a dark night. Remove the head light rings & you will find two adjuster screws. One goes up & down, the other right & left. Good luck.
Cheers Tom

To get the headlights aimed for best vision and to make sure you don't dazzle the folks coming toward you: (best done on a dark twilight or cloudy day).
1. Find a level spot with a wall at the end; drive the car up to the wall.
2. Mark the center height and spacing of the lights on the wall.
3. Back off straight to about 25 feet away.
4. With high beam on, adjust headlights to the center of the spots marked using the adjusting screws that can be found beside the headlights (screws are sometimes behind trim rings or trim panel or under the bonnet)

This should give you the optimum illumination of the road.

Gone are the days that required Lord Lucas to observe that: "a gentleman does not motor about after dark"....


P.S. It sometimes is helpful to have a companion cover the other lights - particularly with quad headlight cars.