How do I find experienced mechanic for inspecting 1963 MK 2?

Started By: Slobodan Trendic on 2008-06-17 08:48:47

I am new to this forum and would welcome your help please.
I am considering a purchase of '63 Jag, MK2. Since I do not know much about mechanical issues and how to check out an old car I would like to hire a pro who is familar with older Jags and can do professional inspection of the car for me. Car is now located in Washington, DC area. Older restoration and still in good condition with about 100K miles. Was repainted in original Cotswold blue color with new gray interior,
Derrington steering wheel, chrome wires, 3.8 liter twin SU carb engine with a rebuilt automatic trans, recent brakes, fuel system, hoses and belts, electronic ignition, power steering. All original tools, books and car covers.

Any advise and help is much appreciated. Current owner is asking about $20k for this car.



You have several choices:

Treasured Motorcar Services, Geoffrey Griffiths, 410-833-2329

Contact each one and ask them where they are located and if they will perform a pre-purchase inspection for you at a fixed price. Get the owner/seller to drive the car to their location and you pay for the inspection.

Money well spent!!!



Another suggestion would be to contact the local Jag club,as you are interested in a Mk 2 join the club and go to the various meets, or at least, talk to owners of the model. Then you can get a more balanced opinion.