Installation of rear shocks

Started By: Dee Jensen on 2014-09-02 14:46:24

Hi.. so, as a follow-up to my posts/answers on shocks I have the front and rear Bilsteins on order and should have them next week.. fronts were 92. ea and rears 125. ea.. thru So my service guy is fine with doing the work but seems a little unsure of why he's been told the rear shocks will take so long to install.. he's been told 3 hours!! I'm thinking it's because it's rear wheel drive?? Anyone have any info they can share as to why this is? Can't wait for this to be done as the car feels and sounds like a "bucket of bolts". Thanks everyone
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He has to drop the rear end down--BTW did you order all of the pads for the rear? That is more likely the noise you hear.

Hi George, I only know that the shocks come with the washers. I don't work on cars so I do not know what the "pads" are.. I sent a photo of what comes in the box of a rear shock. Please enlighten me.