It's Official -- Final Standing

Started By: Steve Weinstein on 2003-11-20 08:08:46

I'm please to announce that the JCNA slalom season is now over and the results are now "official". All of the sanctioned slaloms have been run, results tallied and official times are now a matter of record. Please check the latest standings in the slalom section to see the winners, class by class. National awards go to the first three finishers in each class, with the exception of Class Z.

Congratulations to all of our winners and, in fact, to all of those who participated in the JCNA slalom program this year. We are looking forward to another fun and exciting season next year. And I would personally like to thank all of those who helped to run the events this year. Without you, we wouldn't have this terrific program.

Steve Weinstein, JTC-NJ
JCNA Slalom Committee Chairman
JTC Slalom Chair
'72 E-type 2+2


Excellent steve!

I wish concours standings could be made official too, unfortunately, 3 clubs have not sent in their results, some dating back to september, and their members are now in danger of not being included


Excellent Steve...

BTW, i'd like to remind everyone that pictures of your car can now be linked from any standing or result page. All you have to do is upload it in one of our galleries and include your full JCNA nr and class when uploading. this means you can use a slalom shot with your slalom class to have it shown from a slalom result AND upload a difference concours picture with your concours class to have it linked from concours results.

and if you don't have a digital image, feel free to use pictures of your car that may have been taken at Phoenix or even Franklin and on this site!

click on the Gallery link above and add your pcitures!