It's Party Time again at Jaguar of Tampa

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Party Time Again at Jaguar of Tampa

by Ray David, Suncoast
Jaguar Club

posted 6/25/03


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When the folks at Jaguar of Tampa decide to throw a
party they sure make a statement. June 7th some 2,000 of Tampa’s
elite, including a handful of Bucs players, the new mayor and an assortment
of council members, were invited to help celebrate the dealership’s
first anniversary, and to make full use of the opportunity they made the
new Jaguar XJ the star of the evening.

And talk about a production. Wow!

You have to try to picture this - it’s just about
dusk; swarms of beautiful people appropriately dressed in Saturday-night
black are congregating around the store’s front garden on Fletcher
Ave., where, incidentally, police have stopped traffic; a helicopter flies
in, surely from some exotic place, and while it hovers over the raised
fountain and garden, James Bond descends from the aircraft on a wire,
into spotlights, surrounded by a horde of uniformed police and security.
Then, while he has everyone’s attention 007 removes the wire from
his harness and hooks it onto the giant union jack that is draped over
a car. The helicopter whump-whump-whumps away into the night sky, pulling
the union jack behind it, leaving a gleaming black 2004 Jaguar XJ8 in
the spotlights. Awhh!!! you hadda be there!

Please don’t think I’m making light of it.
I was impressed. I really was. These guys just didn’t miss a trick.
The wandering minstrels, a bar carved out of ice, multiple food stations
both inside and out, including a <i>chocolate fountain!<p>,
liveried parking

attendants, even an Austin Powers lookalike working the crowd along with
a small bevy of his semi-clothed British beauties. And don’t forget
the acrobats on stilts. I know they have a name, I just can’t come
up with it right now. But they were good. No, they were

GREAT! The whole evening was great. The cars were great, even though I’ve
seen them before. The food was great. The crowd was great.

Seems to me this dealer has done a lot for Jaguar in
the Tampa Bay area, and I hope everyone appreciates their efforts. Sometimes
reading about it after the fact makes a production like this seem a bit
over the top, but that’s what it takes to turn an event into a

story. The Tampa media didn’t make this one into a story, Robert
Elder did, and he and his crew deserve a lot of credit.

Ray David,

Suncoast Jaguar Club



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