Jaguar Leapers

Started By: Steve Kennedy on 2011-11-10 03:50:24

Just acquired, 40 of the 8 inch chrome bonnet leapers as used on the MK 2 and MK 8-9s and some other models.

These are very good reproductions but by no means OEM. They are great for trophies, awards, putting on your mail box, golf cart or whatever.

They are $15 each plus shipping.

Also available are the 10 inch clocks for $25 each. You need to send a photo of your car to The photo needs to be portriat, long ways up and down, for it to work on the clock face.

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Steve Kennedy
JCNA Regalia Chair (seller of Stuff for the Under Stuffed)


Steve I am looking for the relatively small 2" (about) chrome leaper which has the key fob ring going thru its nose. Do you know of a source for a coupe of these leapers. I have soldered it to my key as may be shown in this photo........Steve Chase