Jaguar Renews and Expands Discounts to JCNA Members

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Renews and Expands Discounts to JCNA Members for 2008

Delegates attending the 2007 AGM in Houston were delighted
to hear an announcement by Marti Eulberg, Jaguar North American marketing
chief, that the company is putting in place a discount program for members
who buy new Jaguars.

The operation of the plan is simple. First go through
the normal purchase procedure at the dealership, then show your JCNA membership
card and the dealer will apply the discount. Jaguar will take care of
crediting the dealer.

The program is intended to be permanent but eligible vehicles and amounts
will be examined quarterly and adjusted as necessary. This will ensure
that as old inventory is exhausted and new cars are launched the program
will apply to the Jaguars currently available.

JCNA member Purchase Program 2008

XF: $750.00

S-TYPE: $750.00

XJ Models: $1,000.00

XK Models: $1,000.00

Note that discounts are now available on the all new XF !

The program is not transferable and is available only to JCNA members
in good standing. You MUST have a current membership card. The program
is renewed for 2008 and is intended to be renewed on an ongoing basis.

In her address to the delegates Marti Eulberg said the discount program
was a reward for JCNA club’s participation in their communities and
their long support of the marque. Needless to say, she received a standing


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