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The new
Jaguar XF

By Pascal Gademer,
South Florida Jaguar Club

(pictures Jaguar Cars)

Ready to pounce, ready to play...

Note the new JaguarDrive Selector on
the center console

IT'S HERE ! Well, almost...
it's coming to a showroom near you in the spring of 2008 as a 2009 model
but Jaguar just unveiled it's all new XF saloon which will premiere at
the upcoming Frankfurt International Auto show.

And this is really an all new
car... it's not a makeover of an existing model, it's not a redesign,
it is truly an all new Jaguar which hopefully will give the brand a shot
in the arm and regain the ground it lost over the past few years.

Jaguar gave us a good idea of
the things to come when it unveiled the C-XF concept earlier this year
and it became clear that Jaguar designers had been given the all clear
to design an attractive and exciting all new saloon to replace the nice
but not so exciting S-type. Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum calls the
XF "a personal journey" for him, and "a career goal to
return Jaguar to its rightful place as leader in automotive design".

Like the concept, the new XF
is sporty and muscular; it looks like it's ready to pounce on it's prey
like a good Jaguar! Despite its aggressive look, the XF styling remains
clean and fresh, without resorting to crease and clashing lines like so
often seen on the competition... Despite having coupe like lines the interior
space is impressive and offering a spacious cabin to its five passengers
and a 17.6 cu.ft. of boot space; to increase flexibility the rear seats
can fold down as well. Compared to its direct competitors (Audi A6, Mercedes
E Class and BMW 5 series) the XF is slightly longer and wider.

In the US, the XF will be available with either a 4.2
liter normally aspirated V8 (300hp/310lb/ft) or its 420hp / 408 lbft supercharged
sibling; both engines are well know and proven in the XJ, XK and S-type.
Like current Jaguars the transmission will be the automatic ZF 6 speed
with adaptive gear changing although the XF will be the first car to feature
Jaguar's new JaguarDrive Selector which will provide full control of the
transmission standard or sport shifting modes as well as manual shifting
with sequential paddle shifters. In European markets the XF will be available
with a 240hp 3.0 litre V6 as well as a sophisticated twin turboed V6 Diesel
which offers more torque than the normally aspirated V8 engine.

Like the XJ and XK, the XF uses the latest technology
yet without invading the driver with over the top and distracting systems.
Jaguar electronic push button parking brake, extensive air bag system,
Adaptive Cruise Control, two stage Dynamic Stability Control and a new
Understeer Control Logic.

Jaguar engineers spent a lot of time refining the XF
shape in the wind tunnel adjusting the roof line and boot shape to optimize
its stability and efficiency resulting in a drag coefficient of only 0.29.

Performance will be similar to the current Jaguars with
0-60 times of 6.2 seconds for the normally aspirated version and 5.1 for
the "R" version. European models will reach 60mph in very honorable
7.7 seconds with the diesel engine and 7.9 for the petrol V6.

Above : C-XF Concept which gave
us clues to the newly

unveiled production XF (below)

Brakes and suspension are identical on all "non
R" models, with 17 or 18" wheels, 326mmx20mm discs and unequal
length wishbone front / multi link rear. The R model will have 20"
wheels, Jaguar's Computer Adaptive Technology Suspension with electronically
controlled dampers and 355mm front discs to keep the extra power under
control .

Detailed interior specs have not been announced yet
but you can expect the new cat to sport a luxuriously crafted interior
featuring more real wood than in any Jaguar since the the Mark II including
Satin American Walnut, Burr Walnut and a very modern, straight-grained
Rich Oak, all blended with aluminum trim giving a modern touch.

Prices for the new XF will announced in November and
expected to be in the same range as the current S-type it will replace.
While no announcement has been made, 2008 is expected to be the final
year for the S-Type which was Jaguar's first medium sized saloon in 30
years when launched in 1999. And don't be surprised if Jaguar pulls the
plug on the moribund X-type as well, focusing entirely on the triple X
lineup : XF, XJ and XK.

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