Jaguar XK 120 Judges Guide

JCNA member Robert Sheridan along with several other renowned experts including co author Roger Payne, a respected XK120 authority, offer to JCNA members and clubs this excellent guide for the XK 120. Robert has graciously given JCNA exclusive permission to provide this work in printed form only. Electronic versions will NOT be offered. This work is his property and  is copyrighted and tightly controlled. While it may appear that a non member may order at $1500 that is simply for store operations and will not be honored if membership is not confirmed. As stated on the cover this work was presented at the 2018 AGM first as a seminar that was well attended and presented by the Chief Judge of JCNA--Dick Cavicke. It was well received with pre orders already submitted by those in attendance. The work was then allowed for use with a one year trial period by the AGM body with expectations to be a mandatory guide by vote at the next AGM (2019). This is expected. This Guide does not cover RHD XK 120s or the rare alloy body cars. Every attempt was made to keep reproduction cost down while addressing the needs of JCNA (LHD Steel Body Cars). It covers all 3 models (OTS, FHC, and DHC) through the dates of production. It is well documented and is over 150 pages and highly illustrated with color images. Comments on this guide accompanied with documented evidence are appreciated by the authors (contact included as usual in the guide). The JCRC is pleased that this guide has finally been offered after several previous attempts to produce the work. It will go far to greatly improve accuracy for this class in the JCNA concours program and improve the breed as it nears the 70th anniversary of these great cars. Again thanks to the authors and contributors for making this valuable resource available. Support their work and JCNA with your order.

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