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Jan. - Feb. President's

by Gary Hagopian

posted 12/16/03


I'll take controversy, every time! Don't let the talk about "declining
interest in the concours program" fool you. Take the last two Jaguar
Journals for example. They were full of discussion about the programs,
albeit, not very positive. It shows however, that members are justifiably
proud of their Jaguars, want a venue to display and compare them to others
of a similar design and quality, expect a level playing field, expert
judging, and timely, accurate recording and posting of concours results!
As a longtime member of the protest committee, I have witnessed the degree
of accuracy expected from our judging.

What does the JCNA provide in pursuit of these objectives, and/or further

  • · "Pride of ownership and a place to show it": The
    JCNA Concours d'Elegance competition program provides this, and is normally
    an affiliate's major annual event.

  • · "A venue for comparison of similar Jaguars": Multiple
    classes for Champion & Driven, a "Preservation" class
    for the unrestored, and an unofficial "Washed & Displayed"
    class for Jaguars not wishing to compete, seems to provide a spot on
    the field for every Jaguar capable on moving under its own power.

  • · "A level playing field": The JCNA concours rules,
    our Judge's Manual, is now under constant review for fairness by the
    JCRC, a committee chartered by AGM vote, and creating judging guides
    to provide appropriate standards. They are working hard refining classes
    and reviewing and proposing rule changes for AGM delegate approval.

  • · "Expert Judging": This is a tough one, because
    the JCNA has so little control over judge's training, other than to
    require the affiliates to do a training session once per year. We need
    to establish a constant dialogue among judges, chief judges, and the
    JCRC, to ensure that rule changes are adequately promulgated. A giant
    step here would be concours head judges properly reporting "Js"
    & CJs" as required on "Forms, page-7" of the judge's
    manual! It would also be nice if judges and competitors were to read
    the judge's manual! Beyond this, I will recommend to the BOD, funding
    a program to develop a library of DVDs of sample judging of each model
    Jaguar's judgeable components, providing a great training tool for a
    "session", or individual viewing prior to a concours. Can
    you imagine the increment of judging improvement if a judge had prior
    knowledge of the model and component he were to be judging, and could
    watch an expert do it on tape/DVD shortly before the concours? Another
    colossal benefit would be the capturing of the expert knowledge of experienced,
    but aging judges.

  • · "Timely, accurate, reporting & posting of competition
    results": Here, I think that we can really take a "bow"!
    Webmaster Gademer has refined the reporting and archiving system to
    its present excellent state, providing timely updates of results, and
    the opportunity to correct errors due to miss-posting or miss-application
    of competition rules, before results become finalized in the Jaguar
    Journal. Here again, future success will depend on your input.

The JCNA's success is totally dependent on you as volunteers. Help the
JCNA further improve this major competition program by becoming your club's
permanent head judge, conducting judging tech sessions, pre-planning your
concours' judging assignments, communicating with the JCRC, and promptly
reporting results on www.jcna.com.

On the National level, we need a Chair who will head the Judge's Training

Will YOU be our volunteer?

Gary Hagopian


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