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Special Awards Nomination

From Barbara Grayson, 2004
Awards Committee Chair

posted 9/27/04

The following awards are due by November 1, 2004… Please mail the
nominations to:

Barbara Grayson

1641 SW Multnomah Blvd.

Portland, OR 97219

The criteria for the Jaguar Dealer of the Year and the Andrew Whyte Award
can be down loaded from the library at JCNA.com.

The Karen C. Miller Award will be given to the newsletter editor with
the most outstanding performance in all aspects of the newsletter. Mike
Cook who is in charge of the newsletter awards will probably make a few
recommendations and then the committee as a whole will recommend who they
feel should be the recipient.

The Fred Horner Award is based on competition. The original award was
to reward a competitor who campaigned the same Jaguar in JCNA’s three
sanctioned events, concours, slalom, and rally. At this time the driven
class is not included. Scoring for this award is derived from (1) Concours
– this event is already scored on a three concours average to get
a base 100 score (2) Slalom – the competitors best time is calculated
to a percentage of the national class record time to arrive at a base
100 number (3) Rally – similar treatment as slalom – entrants
error time calculated together with the winning error time for each of
the required two rallies then averaged to get a base 100 number. Basically
speaking the perspective recipient has to enter three concours within
their region, two rallies and also the slalom all with the same Jaguar.
The participation for the Fred Horner Award seems to have been very limited
but I’m sure with the right amount of exposure there could be many
more competitors vying for this award.

After reviewing the criteria for all the awards it is your job to see
that all this information is passed to every member in your region. Maybe
making a suggestion like having a little club competition within your
region i.e. see which club within your region can produce the most candidates.

Please respond that you have received this information and if you have
any questions please either call or email me. Thank you all so much for
volunteering and lets see just how many deserving members within JCNA
we can get nominated for these awards. Nominations are due no later than
November 1, 2004. Let’s make this committee a real working committee.

Warm regards,

Barbara Grayson

2004 Awards Committee Chair

Note: A possible change for the Fred Horner Award will be on the 2005
AGM agenda. A change to the criteria so that an entrant can use any Jaguar
registered to that entrant.


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