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Save the Jaguar Efforts!

by Glen Enright, Jaguar
Owners Club of Oregon

posted 6/25/03


the Jaguar Website

(Wildlife Conservation Society)

Care Foundation

(a wild animal sanctuary in Florida)

Two months ago, after reading a small article in our local newsletter
from Jaguar World Monthly magazine about the endangered habitat for the
endangered Jaguar, I decided to issue a challenge to our club members
to come up with some

money to help buy some land in Belize. While I was at it, I thought maybe
the challenge should be broadened to include other JCNA affiliate clubs,
since we're all in the same boat, so to speak - endangered cat-wise. So
I wrote a small article for the Cat Fancier and since our newsletter goes
to all the other

clubs, I asked the various editors to pick up on the challenge. Later
I thought that maybe the editors had bigger fish (for them) to fry and
that I would enlist Mike Cook at Jaguar Journal in the cause and get him
to run my challenge in said magazine. He wrote back that he thought that
a grand idea and suggested I send a copy of the challenge to JCNA officers
and see if we couldn't get national on the bandwagon and urging the clubs
to follow JOCO's lead.

That's what this e-mail is all about. I hope you see merit in the challenge
and will encourage your club and all the JCNA clubs to step up and heed
the call.

The following is the sum and substance of my article and the challenge:


Last month you read the article on page 7 about the threat to our car's
namesake in Belize. Although, try as they might, the Jaguar's habitat
is being destroyed by encroachment of farmland. This is not good for the
Jaguar and is definitely not good for the essentially subsistent farmers,
their families or their livestock.

Jaguar has taken the lead in helping to minimize this problem by setting
up a fund to purchase land that abuts the preserve, and, now comes my
challenge to you. The Jaguars Owners Club of Oregon has a has a provision
in its bylaws which states that one of the purposes of the club is to
"provide funds to worthy causes". In my mind there is no more
worthy cause than this, to preserve a worthwhile species and keep it from
extinction because it doesn't fair well in captivity. The provision in
the bylaws states that the club will match funds up to $250 per person
per year and/or up to $2500 total contribution per year. This provision
was enacted in 1999, and to my knowledge no one has yet taken advantage
of it. The provision is only for automotive-related charities and this
one fits the bill.

Jan and I are donating $100 toward the purchase of the abutting farm
acreage and according to my calculations, that means just over 5 acres
can be added to the preserve. Rick Martin (your editor) has indicated
that he is going to make a similar donation. How about the rest of you?
Lets pool our sums together and make a major contribution to this cause.

My challenge to you is to see how much money we can raise until Labor
Day Weekend (ABFM weekend). I know that you don't want to have a check
sitting out there all that time, it'll foul up the bookkeeping. So here's
what I suggest: Send me your pledge amount in a letter or email, then
right after Labor Day send the checks to "the Club house at Consolidated
Auto Works we'll have the club treasurer write a check matching the money
we've collected and then we'll send it all to The World Land Trust, ear-marking
it for the Jaguar Preserve in Belize.

Other Jaguar car clubs read our newsletter, so I challenge all of them,
as well, to match us in our drive to help save the Jaguar and its environment
from extinction.

My suggestion is for each club to set up a place to receive their donations/pledges
or send the money directly to the trust, but send the final totals to
me, so we can see how each participating club has fared against the others.
I will publish the results in the December Cat Fancier and send them on
to the website.

The trust address is: World Land Trust, Blyth House, Bridge Street, Halesworth,
Suffolk IP19 8AB, England or telephone 01986 874422.


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