Kars4Kids was a Huge Success!

Kars4Kids was a huge success thanks to Paul Collins and his team! The weather was beautiful as well as the cars. There were 160 cars at final count and they raised around $7,000 for the kids. This is a testament to their hard work since the event fell on a difficult weekend for many to attend. We had a new member join with his pristine XK Convertible, Tom Nabors. Thomas his son, provided the introductions. His car has only 5000 miles on the clock. It literally looks like it rolled off the showroom floor. If we ever do a concours, you XK guys have someone to worry about. I think this puts us at 25 paid members but Im not allowed to make these statements without checking with Chuck first. We had a few sons and daughters show up for the event! Only James Smiths daughter toughed out the full five hours. My daughter left at 1pm to get her nails done and Tom Smiths sons spent their entry fee at Einsteins. Still, its a start. Mike Gillespie and Bob Alley were there but representing the wrong club! (They still parked with us) Bob promised to bring his XJ220 to the Brentwood High School Car show next weekend benefiting the basketball team. While we dont have plans to attend as a club, several of us might stop by. Ill post more on that later. Loved the sound of Bobs Testarossa. Chip Hanback and his wife and several others from the NBCC were there with his MG TD. They have expanded the Jaguar class for their October show to give us more exposure and opportunity for sponsorships. I asked Chip to stop by our meeting on May 1st at McNamaras to tell us what his club is doing this year and how we can help with the British Car Show. Big winner of the day was Mike Mowery with his 85 Daimler Sovereign. The paint was beautiful which was not lost on the British Car Club judges or the kids. Mike took home two trophies. The rest of us, obviously, have more work to do. Next meeting is McNamaras Irish Pub. They have a meeting area for us with a projector. Meet between 5 and 6pm for drinks and food. Meeting after. Cars&Coffee May 5th- We will be driving to Marcy Jos Mealhouse for breakfast. James Smith will lead the drive. Thats what he get for doing a great job last time!