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2004 Slalom Fastest Lady: She's no "Scaredy Cat"!
By Gary Hagopian
posted 12/8/04

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Joei and "The Black"

Joei Bassett, a JANE member originally from California, and now living in New England, is certainly no "scaredy cat". Transplanted to Rhode Island with this 1969 E type FHC originally owned by her dad, Joei has seized every opportunity to enjoy driving her car. 2004 was the high point in her ownership of this Jaguar.

This year, she is the winner of the "Fastest Female" award in the JCNA's slalom program, having reduced her run time from the "low 50s", to 44.66 seconds, on our interesting, challenging course. This prestigious North American Award had been previously won by Karen Jones, JCSNE / JANE, and Margo Otey of JANE.

Joei, whose initial interest in "autocross / slalom" was sparked by Jerry Mouton while she lived in California, has eagerly competed in nearly every slalom event offered by JANE and JCSNE over the past three seasons. She cheerfully solicits help and advice from those with more experience, and her improved performance shows it!

Having had so much fun slaloming, she decided to try High Performance Driver's Education events, facilitated by the JCNAs "HPDE" group. These are "track days" conducted by established groups like SCCA and the Empire Jaguar Club, on whose events we JCNA members have been "piggybacking". In 2004, she entered her Jaguar in HPDE events at Lime Rock Park and New Hampshire Int. Speedway.

These pictures of her car only hint at the modifications made by her husband-mechanic-cheerleader, Bill Bassett, Bassett's Jaguars, Wyoming, RI. The wheels/tires are the most visible, but uprated suspension components and power-enhancing engine mods have made her Jaguar more beautiful, safer, and more capable on the street and on the track.

Joei's two children in CA, would be both proud and happy to see the expression on her face, and to hear the spectators' applause as she exits her car after a "run" in the slalom or on the track. The driving experience gained by her participation, has definitely made Joei a safer, more capable driver.

This "Jag Lady", (her license tag) is certainly no scaredy cat! We hope that she'll attend the 2005 AGM awards banquet in Orlando, April 2, 2005, to receive the award and recognition she has earned.

Congratulations, Joei Bassett!