Lost Leapers!

Started By: George Camp on 2011-01-30 10:53:57

Steve Kennedy and I have found a few Leaper trophies/desk item or what ever you want to use them for/ in a warehouse where they ave sat for years. They are offered as reproductions of the orig. large leaper but of fairly good quality (chrome on metal casting). They are on a Marble base with a felt bottom. These would make a great trophy for your Jaguar celebration events to suppliment the official JCNA trophies (special awards). There are 16 ONLY. FCFS rules apply. Thanks and enjoy.


How much are the Leaper Trophies ?? And how do I pay you for one ??

Jerry E

Jerry if you go to the shoppe and look at the last entry in the Trophy section you will see them. You can place an order by Paypal or call with Mr. Plastic! Take a look at them first--pretty good quality but not good for the bonet of your lovely Green Hornet!


(I wonder how one would look mounted on the front Bumper -just in front of the Grill ??? )

(Maybe I could then get some of those "Spinning Hub-caps" & install Flashing Blue Lignts under the car . Snazzy -I bet !! )

I have seen worse!!!!!!!!!!! But it would look good on your desk or it will work like this--see picture--I hope!

That would look CLASSY -on the mail box !!
( Except that someone would probably steal it the first night it was on there.)

What I thought 20 years ago when I put mine on!!!!!

Received my order of the two "Leaping Jaguar" Award / Trophies which you and Steve Kennedy "found", and they are SUPER NICE !!!

They are just the thing and right size for a VERY SPECIAL Concours Trophy. They would also be perfect as a gift for the retiring Club President -except how could you match it for the next one ?? - (unless you gave them a new Jaguar car or a Caribbean Cruise (??) -and not many Clubs can afford that !! )

SO - I guess like me- you'll keep it for yourself -OR give it to your Wife / "Significant Other" for their Birthday or next year's Christmas Present - ( AND will be just as nice - and less expensive than a Diamond Tennis Bracelet ).

Thank you again for all you do for JCNA and it's Members.