Mark 10 boot lining availability

Started By: ralph d murray on 2004-11-29 01:42:03

Does anyone know if the fibre lining panels for a Mk 10 boot are available anywhere? Or is the material available to fabricate them? Also the vinyl tire cover?



1957 XK 150 D.H.C.
1962 MK 10 4 manual o/drive
1965 3.8S
Hello Ralph,this is Brian in Toronto,
I have had my MK X for the past 30 years and I can look in the trunk for you to identify the answers for you.Please make a list of the questions
that you want to ask and send them to me
Over the years I broke up a couple of them and kept many spare parts.
Brian Scriven.

I am looking to replace all the fibre (almost a cardboard/fibre board material) which is a light tan and lines the boot. Top (underside of boot lid) is two large pieces One has a small hole for top of spare tire to fit in. Side panels hide the fuel tanks and are shaped to inner fender shape.
I have all the pieces but most are damaged and or stained. Is there a refurbishment process as an alternative to replacing? xkmeister

I think it's called "Hardura". My 3.8 S has a similar material which I find very "hard" and "cold". I prefer the lining material of the Series 3
XJ-6/12 which I can best describe as a type of "automotive velvet corduroy". Recently I found this material at Lowe's in their Flooring Dept. of all places! I bought a roll. It comes in grey or tan. Attached is a picture. I'm going to re-upholster all the panels in the trunk/boot of my 3.8 S with it. Being a fabric, it will make the rear third of the car much quieter, like the XJ trunk/boot which is very cozy and "warm".

Ralph it is NOT hardura. The boot floor and spare tire coverings are hardura. You can get a kit from SNG but they subtitute hardura for the sides. Your best bet is to find a parts car and purchase some dye (color I use is palomino sp.) Good luck. George Camp

Restoring 1966 Mark X 4.2 Need some interior trim for around the top. Does anyone know of a junkyard or something that has an old Mark-X?