MARK II rewiring

Started By: Larry Stephenson on 2010-06-08 16:19:25

Several of the wiring harnesses in our 1965 Mark II were severely damaged from an electrical short. I purchased a main harness and several smaller harnesses from Rhode Island wiring. They seem to be good quality and complete as far as I can tell at this point. I recently discovered that Autosparks in the UK sells the same items at about 1/3 the price. Has anyone had experience with Autosparks and do they have good quality products? Any other suggestions for suppliers of wiring harnesses? Thanks for your help.


Time to rethink circuit fusing as you do new harnesses. The Mark II has 35 and 50 amp fuses but the vast majority of the wiring is 14 gage, rated for 15 amps in today's world. So the car's fusing violates the basic principle that the fuse should blow before the weakest link in the following load circuit to protect all of it. Ultimate cheapness on the part of Lucas .

Consider adding many more fuses to do the job correctly. I have done this for MGs but not tackled the Jag small sedans yet. If interested give me a call (336-324-6532).

Robert I am certainly not an EE nor did I stay in a holiday Inn Express but I do have a little experience with Jaguar electricals and about 30 years of them always with a MK2. If your wiring is good and all devices working there is no need to rewire the car. Jaguar never conceived that these cars would still be around 40 years later with poor butcherd wiring and all sort of extra devices added over the years. Further I doubt they considered ham handed whench benders (I am one so I can say that) mucking about with little understanding. I do not remember changing a fuse on a MK2 with the exception of a 50 amp but that is almost always a horn issue. Why not just install breakers instead of the fuses--they are covered so no one would know. Do a proper job with a new harness and check all of your equipment--you will be fine.

wrench of course--I have got to figure how to spell check here!!!! LOL

Interesting (freudian) misspelling George!