Mark II Seats

Started By: Michel Abdo on 2010-06-21 07:18:04


I am a fist time owner of a Jaguar. I have a 1960 Mark II. I saw a small blurb in a magazine that XJS seats will fit a Mark II.

Does anyone have an idea if that is true or if they have had the experience?

Tahnk you!!


I will let you know after I install the one's I bought recently. If you go to the web site for BAS upholstery (sorry I don't have the link) you will see a car that has been completely modernized to include the XJ seats.


Did you accomplish your install of XJ seats into Mk 2? I now have 2 XJ6 seats (mechanical - not electrical) to install into my '67 Mk 2. Any ideas or suggestions? Especially, my uderstanding is that there are 2 springs on an XJ6 seat and I don't know where the attachment holes are on the seat frame or rails. Thank you very much. John Tyler - San Angelo, TX (325) 947-5094