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Started By: Kathy Dilliner on 2004-05-02 09:38:50

CROWEMATE/ready for first Jag

Hello! I am newbie normally in the forum set up for my 1980XJ6 (where I post) However, during a recent XJ6 experience I came upon a much abused 1954 (?) Mark 10 My question is should I rescue what is left of this poor impounded cat or ? Thank you . Kathy and "Posetha" (my first cat).
The post called "strange days" is where you will find my mention of this car in the XJ saloon section. Be safe.


a Mark X is the overweight brother of the XJ-6, or as someone else said: "The XJ-6 is a Mark X with the air let out". Nobody wants them
Are you sure that's a MK-10 ?? or a 9 ? (IX). In either case, expect to spend over $50 grand restoring one of those. Parts are scarce,
in the car-collecting world, you invest $50 grand in restoration only to end up with a $10 grand car. It's a temptation alright, but best to
put your money in one car at a time, finish it, then get another one, otherwise you never finish either car.

I meant to invite you folks to join a new Forum called The Jag Board. ( Register and ask your questions there as well
if you can't get help anywhere else; There is a great Jag Technician who answers questions called Phil Prince and he knows the XJ-6
better than anyone I've known. (he has helped me solve a few puzzling symptoms with my 1984 XJ). This Forum is in its infancy still,
which may be a good thing for all of us, I've owned my XJ for 12 years and I know many things from experience, but that does not make
me an expert. Phil and others who frequent there are the experts.

The Mark X, is one of the great jaguar saloons and perhaps the last of the real Jaguars period. They are expensive to restore ( costing as much as a toyota camry)! but absoutely beautiful when done. If you were to ask for advice on choosing one I would say dispose od the XJ6.

Jaguar affectionado and etc.

CROWEMATE/ready for first Jag

Thank you both William and J.A.M Obviously I just hate to see any of
these cars sitting on flat tires, rusting, windshields glazing with dust
and completely disrespected. I don't have a "Jag" pocket-book, but I do
have storage room and true respect in my heart...maybe too much, but I appreciate your replies... I get very tired of rushing thru my life in my
"other" car a subaru impreza...after 12 hours a day at ninety I want to
get in any Jaguar and just slow down ...there is such a sublime dignity
in ending your day sitting or rolling in Any of these cars, no matter what
the style or year. Take care, and I won't interlope anytime soon...Laugh.

Hello Folks!
I too am a proud owner of a Mark X. HOWEVER, cost is indeed a factor that has slowed (but not stopped) my restoration progress. It also has stirred a many a debate topic in my household of "how much" I should spend on my restoration. Ultimately, when the committee session comes to a close the CEO/Chairwoman of the board wins everytime otherwise my bed would be made in the back seat bench of the Mark X and I'd have to take my Quaker Parrot with me! You know, my picnic tables can double for a dresser complete with mirrors! Seriously though, in my spare time I still pick around under the bonnet and in the cabin in my search to bring this car back to daily driver status. I will update all in my progress. Have a pleasant journey during your quest to restore your Mark X, should to decide to adopt her!

Very Respectfully,

Lenny B. Ramjattan, N4WZQ
1966 Jaguar Mk X, 1D76577BW
Pembroke Pines, Florida

here's a photo of a MK-X (10). I am confused because the MK-X was not being made in the 1950's and she stated it was a 1954.
That's why I asked if it was a MK-IX (9) which was being made in the 1950's. The MK-X (10) looks like an over-inflated 420,
the 420 is the small Saloon (Sedan) model which came after the 3.8S, which came after the MK-2 versions, and which came after
the MK-1.

here's a photo of the MK-IX (9). Now we are talking pure elegance and a good place to invest your money. But always keep in mind,
you spend $50 grand restoring a car (any car) and you end up with a car worth one-fifth of your investment. Unless of course, it's a
Ferrari. But then, Ferraris run for a week, then they're back in the shop for 3 months waiting for parts. Same for Maserati.
Stick with the Jaguar, the XJ model is now officially a 'Classic', the car that stunned the world in 1968. And the Series 3 XJ cars,
are the most refined of all the XJ Series cars. (1979¢ thru 1992). (1987 in the US).

this Black MK-9 is currently for sale. It is a choice car in as choice condition as can be had for the price. Needs carb work, (no big deal but buyer pays for it), otherwise interior is also choice. Never buy a rust bucket, always start with the best car you can get, otherwise you end up
with a bottomless money pit. Restoration is usually the same as Remanufacture.

here's a pic of the MK-9 interior. look at the burl wood. Talk about choice condition and barn finds.

Curious on the price of the barn find MK9?