to: Mike Frank - Pos. to Neg. ground

Started By: J.A.M. on 2004-12-19 08:55:58

regarding your Tech article about Positive to Negative Ground conversion:

A Lucas Generator rebuilder tells me that because the battery has been charged to Pos. Ground, that just switching the cables will not work, he insists I have to get a new battery.

He also insists that Polarizing the Generator is not as easy as just touching the B terminal to the F terminal.

I want to convert to Neg. Ground since I already installed a modern Stereo in my 1965 3.8 S type, but I'm confused with the conflicting opinions from people who are obviously experts in the matter.

Please elaborate on this subject, especially those who have converted.

thank you and Merry Christmas,


I'm assuming you are Mike? thanks for replying;
I don't think that Mike, (his name too), was doing an April fools' this late in the year, he seems serious. well maybe he had too much Eggnog with too much octane. He's the owner of Star Alternator in California, seems to know Lucas stuff, has a website and a pretty good article about Polarizing. If I ever need my Generator rebuilt, I'm going to use his shop, but not during Christmas.

my car's ammeter has 3 wires, how do I "reverse" three wires ? I mean, I can understand reversing 2 wires, but 3 wires? never heird of it. Two are heavy gauge wires, one is normal gauge. I suppose the ones to reverse are the two heavy gauge wires? leave the third one where it is? the rest of the instructions in your article are clear.

thanks and go easy on the eggnog.

Hi Mike. I don't know who replied either. Looks like I'll have to replace the battery regardless, because: 1) the Positive post is on the Left rear of the case; 2) if I turn it around, the Positive post ends up in the right
Front of the case, and the cables are too short to reach. 3) it looks like the bonnet could make contact with the posts if the posts are in the front of the battery case.

May be cheaper to buy new cables, but easier to just buy a new battery.

I'm going to do it, thanks for clarifying the ammeter 3-wire question.
May be a dumb question, but not having done this procedure ever before, I don't want to compromise the car's wiring or integrity, which for a 39 year old car, looks well preserved. I'll leave the Fan for last, the motor may have to be replaced too, it makes a strange noise anyway.