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We just purchased a '66 Mk2 RHD. It has no outside rear view mirrors nor any holes they might have fallen out of.

We drove a different Mk2 that had the mirrors by the wing window and the window post blocked the view of the mirror.

The ones clear out on the front fenders don'tlook like they would work well either.

How about the ones that clip to the rain gutters?

Any suggestions appreciated.




my suggestion is to go modern for safety and convenience.

for example, I installed series III XJ-6 electric mirrors in my 1965 S type. A friend in Tampa saw them and he installed them in his 1965 MK-II, and so on.

The safety factor and the convenience of being able to adjust the mirrors at night is priceless. I also installed the XJ-6 door switch. The wiring was very easy. Drilling the required holes was not but is doable, just lots of labor and patience.

Do the purists like my mirrors? Do they drive my car?

So the bottom line is: Do what you like, not what someone dictates.

You can see the XJ-6 mirrors in the pic below.

I had a 1961 MK2 with front wing (fender) mirrors and they worked great as long as they were correctly adjusted. I currently have a 1961 MK2 with door mounted mirror left side only and it is not as good as the wing mirrors. Also, I have a 1966 S-type with door mounted mirrors both sides and they are not as good as the wing mounted mirrors. I suggest wing mounted mirrors. Aside from being very useful, they look great and are period correct.

My problem with wing mounts is you cannot adjust them from inside the vehicle.
Some moron is always bumping them, takes for-ever to get out, tweak, back in, get out, tweak again, get in......

I have a 1964 RHD MK2, I ordered a clamp-on mirror from XK's, nobody is sure how it's supposed to mount.
They tell me around the roll-up window post, but no way, jose.
If I was to cut the channel, yes.
What I did was cut (trim) the clamp portion so it fit around the chormoe door/window edge, mounted it below the upper ventilator hinge.
Sitting in the driver's seat, maybe a small part of the inner edge is blocked, rest is visible, and easily adjustable.

The one I got is, what, trapezoid shaped?
Rectangle squeezed together on the inner part.

Roof gutter?
Without damaging that thin chrome strip on the gutter?

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yeahh, try adjusting wing-mounted mirrors at night with some SUV tailgating with its brights on. They sure look pretty in a static museum setting. But for practical everyday driving? no way jose!

Also, try working in your engine with the darned mirrors in the way!

3 options, either some clumsy-mounted motorcycle mirror, or "period correct" wing-mounted-motorcycle mirrors, or electric-adjustable Jaguar mirrors. I went for the latter because my car is for driving and enjoying, and I can control both from the Jaguar door switch as shown below. My argument is always that "period-correct" means going back to the middle ages when it comes to accessories, and in today's traffic conditions, Safety while driving is more important in order to protect my beautiful classic car.

If you want to look at some "period" mirrors, go to Moss Motors website.

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in the 1960's, I used to love the Talbot Berlin "bullet" mirrors. My MG had them, my Volvo 1800-E and ES had them. They are stationary as opposed to electric, but you can adjust the mirror face manually.

Today you can get reproductions of the famous Berlin mirrors in two sizes at Moss Motors.

Will they look good in a MK-II ? It's a matter of individual taste.

Remember the song "Do What You like? (Blind Faith 1967).