Started By: Dan Lokun on 2008-10-01 05:47:25

This car was up being checked out (see attached). Car has not run for decades but is original and complete. During a first garage impsection it was determined that the is no compression in 3 cylinders. Does anyone know why there is no compression in half of the engine? Does this ususally auger a mere sticky bit or more serious trouble?

D Lokun


Zero compression is generally a valve stuck open.
Moisture runs up the tailpipe, rusts the valve stem.
I have fixed them before, not on a Jaguar, with ZEP45.
Remove plugs, spray what is visible, sometimes pull the valve covers and "work" the lifter down a bit to see if it will "pop" back.
Usually normal heat range will allow it to start moving, but just cranking it with a valve stuck open........what kind of piston-to-valve interference issues do we have?
You may have bent the valves already.

1. Oil was poured down all cylinders;

2. 100% compression on crank;

3. After sitting, crank obtained only 50% compression.

This suggests piston or piston rings are the fault.

D Lokun

I am not picking on you here.
Just trying to determine the actual facts (too many years in auto service).

"During a first garage impsection it was determined that the is no compression in 3 cylinders."
As in zero?

"1. Oil was poured down all cylinders;

2. 100% compression on crank;

3. After sitting, crank obtained only 50% compression.

This suggests piston or piston rings are the fault."

True to a point.
How much oil?

You pour a pint in each hole, yeah, you're going to get a LOT of compression!
Two squirts is probably too much from a pump oiler.

Now we have compression on all six, but after it sits only 50% of what you had?

What are the actual readings?

How many "hits" per hole?
(I do 5).

This car have the breather hose that just hangs down beside the block?
How oily is it below and behind the hose end?

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Heavens to betsy, I never thought you were picking on me, I was asking for and receiving good advice for free .... I was not at the garage when the "experiments" were being done ... The tests were done by a good mechanic but time will tell ... With my comments, I am only passing on what told to me by a person present who knows waaaaay more about these cars than I do ...... P.S. here's a sneak view of the grim task ahead .. reminds me of the Titanic in situ.

D Lokun
Mark IX,

As a former owner of a rusty MkIX.... you don't want to restore that car. It's not worth it by a longshot.

It will keep Dan Lokun out of trouble for a while, 'worth' is in the eye of the 'restorer', or beholder. The MK2 I have been restoring for the last 4 years looked 10 times worse than his and I am almost done.
Chris Johnston
57 MK7M
71 S3 V-12
86 XJ6 VDP
61 MK2 3.4

Yowza Dan,
Don't let the naysayers get you down, if the car is solid keep going!

Interior's can get expensive but nothing and I mean NOTHING rides like a car with a full frame.

I've a MK VII and a MK IX. The MKVII is getting back on the road after a long (30 plus year) storage. The gas tanks are awaiting pickup and then will go to powdercoaters and then back to radiator shop to get coated internally The color is "Willow Green".

The MK IX's engine currently resides in my living room alcove, rebuilt and awaiting my attention to mate it with a straight port head and finish rebuilding the 3 SU's and then decide how to go on the transmission.

Take the car to the JCNA Slalom, always fun to watch the expressions of the people as it goes around. The ride can be "tightened" with minimal hassle for the slalom.

Yes, I realize there are better investments than restoring a Big Cat, but no where near the same level of enjoyment.

Later, Good Health to All, Bob Lovell

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Solid as a rock but I hope not petrified ... Taking it slow and not sinking in large $$$ ... Plan is to get it to "roadworthy" rather than "concours" at this point. Here's another gratuitous shot from the garage...

D Lokun

P.S. This 1959 car is from supposedly from Winnipeg, so Mr. Thompson may have some info on its provenance as a CDN car.

Yowza Dan,
Unless the air filter asssembly is a "home-made" item from a previous owner, you seem to have the optional "oil-bath" unit. Can't say for sure as I've never seen one on the Big Cats. I've known they've existed but never seen one. It looks vaguely similar to the optional "oil-bath" type I have on my 1965 UK market MK II. It's filled with a sort of stainless steel mesh/wool. Instructions on cleaning say to use methalated-spirits, doubtful those haven't been outlawed to consumers, and then fill to the line with an approved oil. These were usually seen in Australia, New Zealand and the African continent.

If you get a chance you might want to take a couple of shots of the casting off the carbs that goes with it and post them. Last time I looked there weren't any pictures of this option on the site.

Hard to tell but it looks marginally more attractive than the stock bullet-cannister if only that it doesn't obscure the view of the duel carbs.

My $.02 says you have sticking valves as i doubt the compression could get to zero on three cylinders. One maybe and low on others but three, doubtful.....but not impossible.

Later and Good Luck, Bob Lovell

Yowza All,
Sorry for the "duel" should be dual unless the carbs are fighting each other.

If you send me the relevant data plate numbers I'll see what I can do.


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The Oil Bath Unit has English maker markings on it (this is from my memory) and does not appear homemade: I will try to keep this nifty quirk intact.

FYI: It came with a left and right side tool kit(s).

VIN Number 790780 also 790780BW.

(Borg Warner notation) .... restoration updates to follow very slowly ...

D Lokun

Greetings Gents, I just purchased a IX in somewhat better condition. A fellow in NM passed it off to me. It is painted and all the bits have been redone, just needs assembly. Might need some advice from time to time as I've never started anything like this before. Right now it's in boxes in the car and trunk, oh excuse me, boot. I'll post some pics now and as I go.


JaguarMike in Nevada.

I got nuthin'

Ask me about Canadian XK's or maybe E-types, but I've got nothing on MkIX's.

Where did you get this car? Was this the same car that once lived in Ottawa and was a former diplomat's car?


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Ottawa? .... It has a Winnipeg dealer sticker (... which is barely visible in photo above) ... The Winnpeg dealer is long gone .... May be THE only Winnipeg car .... Nothing much known about first 20 years.

D Lokun

Who did you buy it from?

Licenced dealer & restorer in Toronto.

D Lokun