MK VII, VIII, and MKIX technical seminars

Started By: George Camp on 2010-03-23 13:10:31

As the new publications guy, I am happy to let you know that after a long period out of print the Large Saloons technical seminar is now available--as it does not have a stock number yet please just e mail me for now. The cost is $10 for JCNA members and $15 for non members. (we will have a shoppe listing soon with click to pay as with the other books). We also have a found supply of the MK2 and the "S" and 420 seminars but they can be purchased directly at the shoppe. Thanks and please send your Jaguar friends there. We will also groom up the other offerings in the shoppe and you should know if anyone wants factory parts and service books our prices can not be beat--plus they are correct and official. Thanks.