MK2 front wheel bearing adjustment

Started By: Dave Goodson on 2010-04-14 18:54:34

I have some play in my wheels.
It's bearings.

Now, I removed them, scraped out 55 year old grease, cleaned and re-packed....but.

The factory manual talks about a maximum of .005" end play in the hubs.
It also says to tighten the nut until the bearings feel rough, back to the first hole and install a new split pin (that's close to what it says).

Many many moons ago I had a wheel bearing fry that was a bit too tight, and the last thing I need is for that to happen on the Jag.

Any body had experience with tighting more than one finger in the end of a 12" crescent?


Dave the instructions are tried and true but I am not sure about your question on the 12 inch cresent. Do you have steel wheels? Try tightening them with a socket while turning the hub--when they get tight you will feel it. When you think it is right check the end float. Good luck.

Back when, at the dealership, we had this instruction come down that worked well all these decades.

Rotate the wheel in the direction of tightening the bearing nut, and tighten the shXt out of it while rotating.

Now, back off a half turn, put a 12" crescent on the nut, finger in the hole in the end, and rotate with one finger until it just stops.

I have no discernable end float.

I have outer edge of wheel play.
I can get it to go away, but the bearings are tighter than I am used to.
If I go to the next cross drill from where I am, which works out to 1/2 a flat, it's gone, but still, tighter than just snug.

35 years ago I had one melt into the spindle, and did not want to repeat that scenario.