MK2 tool kit

Started By: Tom & Sara Neyer on 2009-01-05 04:26:15


We recently bought a 1966 Mk2, missing, of course the tool kit. We've bought two, one more complete, on eBay.

One has a plastic case, the other a wood and metal combo. Does anyone know what the proper tool kit is for a 1966?

The car is RHD if that matters. According to the VIN, the car was built previous to March 1966




by plastic, do you mean similar to the picture below? if so, that would be a Series 3 XJ-6 toolkit.

if metal and wood, the one in my 1965 S type fits inside the spare wheel, like the picture below.

an older Jaguar toolkit can be seen below, that one was used around 1963 in the Big Saloons, like the MK-X.

an older Jaguar toolkit from around 1960-1964 is shown below, used in Big Saloons like the MK-10 as I understand it.

Tom and Sara,

Glad you finally found one! If you recall you were interested in my Mark II, in Willow Green. Send me pics! The link that is with the Saloon in Maroon is the correct tool kit for your car. The wood and metal one. I'm forwarding the pic of mine. Good luck.

Mike Glass
Reno Jaguar Club President

here's how the MK-2 toolkit looks like: