Mk2 Wheels

Started By: tom smith on 2009-09-23 13:55:10

Does anyone have any experience with the bolt-on Dunlop racing style wheels on a Mk2? Sources for these wheels in USA?


Tom are you referring to wheels that are styled to look like those on a "D"Type or a light weight "E"? If so make sure you do not get the correct wheels as they were peg drive and you would have to change your hubs (all very $$$$$$$). Are you possibly looking at Minilite wheels? Again a lot of $$$. There are several sources in the US for both but they all come from the same Mfn. Let us know what you are looking for exactly.

I guess I am asking if there is a bolt on D-type "style" wheel that has an application for a Mk2. Understand about the hubs/peg drive, was wondering if there was a bolt on in the Dunlop racing wheel "style"

Tom there are such wheels carried by SNG for both bolt on and splined fitment--Try asking for part numbers WD6A or WD6B--